Keep Your Gadgets Safe While on an Adventure Trip

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Taking an adventure trip can be amazing fun, full of excitement and adrenaline. The challenge is keeping your gadgets safe in this trip. There are many ways that your gadgets could be jeopardized – pickpockets, you drop it in a river, canyon, out of a moving vehicle, and so on.

You could just leave without some of your gadgets and go completely off grid, but that may not be such a fantastic idea, especially if you’re going on an adventure trip. These gadgets allow you to find hotels at short notice, making sense of their local public transportation system, translating languages that will help you communicate better, cash transfers, How to Make Pot Brownies,  GPS, etc..

So, how do you ensure that these handy little devices are protected during your adventures? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Before you do anything else, get all of your gadgets insured. Most good travel insurance policies will offer gadget travel insurance that will cover your gadgets. When you’re on adventure trips, there are chances that your gadgets could be lost, stolen or damaged. However, if they are insured, it is going to take just a few days to get them replaced.

If you carry fewer gadgets, there are also fewer odds of damage, theft or loss. Having too many gadgets brings attention, which means that there’s a higher chance your expensive devices could get stolen. It’s also easier to lose track of them when you have too many gadgets. The best thing you can do is just keep one or two gadgets with you on your trip; usually a smartphone and a camera are sufficient.

If you’re carrying a fancy bag in which you’ve put your gadgets, you’re inviting trouble. Instead, get a non-descript over-the-shoulder bag that you could clutch in front of you in a crowded area. You can even purchase one of those anti-theft bags which are available on the market today.

Nothing encourages more unwelcome attention than a camera strap which advertises the brand of your camera. Change your camera strap to something low-key and non-descript, so that even if the strap hangs out of your bag, no one will pay attention to it.

Make Use of the Hotel Safe

Most hotels provide a safe in their guest rooms. So use it. Your insurance provider won’t cover thefts from hotel rooms if the gadgets weren’t kept in a safe. And if you’re going to be out the whole day participating in an adventure activity, then you do not need to be encumbered with too much baggage.

These ideas may sound like overkill, but recall those devices you have can cost a pretty penny when you add it all up. And don’t forget, all people aren’t evil, you can get lucky and find a Good Samaritan who will locate your stolen or lost gadgets and return them to you.

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